For Sale-Very Rare Female Red Vented Cockatoo

For Sale is one 7 year old female red-vented cockatoo named Ariel.  I will ship her from Honolulu International Airport to the Continental US.  I will potentially sell to non-US buyers ONLY if the CITES permitting process is allowed under zoo/breeding program exemptions from the regular waiting period.

Call me at 808.358.9190 for additional information or email me at

Selling a very rare red-vented cockatoos.  These are one of the 50 rarest birds in the world with less than 1000 in captivity. 

Ariel is a hand-fed female red-vented parrot.  She is very sweet.  She does not bite and loves to be handled.  She was purchased for a breeding program on June of 2005 from EggsOtic parroting.  I have sold the male red-vented cockatoo that she enjoyed, but never mated with. 

Due to rarity, Ariel should be put into a breeding program.  I will sell her as a pet to the right home as I feel that this may make her happier.